Student Council

Boğaziçi University Student Council was established in order to establish the tradition of democratic governance at Boğaziçi University among students; to have rapid and accurate communication of student demands and responses to university management; to contribute to the decision making of university and executive bodies being more sensitive in their relations with students; to enable students to participate effectively in the decision-making process by offering suggestions for solutions to problems throughout the university.

The department student council consists of 5 student representatives that are elected by the department undergraduate students. A student representative is selected for a year. The council selects one president and one vice president among these 5 members.

Department Student Council represents undergraduate students of the department in the common subjects and issues of interest to department students. Student Council conducts research and investigation and can form groups that work together with this council when there is an issue that interests department students. Student Council gathers on the date and make decisions according to the absolute majority of the number of student council members. The president of department student council participates in the meetings of department executive board regularly. The president contributes the decision making process that is related to students. The president and vice president of the department student council attend to Student Council of Faculty/School/Institute and represent their own department.

Department Student Council submits a report that contains the activities recommended for the period of the student representative to the department chairmanship in two copies at the end of the term. The department management is responsible for delivering one of the copies of to the department student council in the following semester.


In order to be a candidate representative for the department student council

  1. To be a undergraduate of the department
  2. To be registered during the term of election
  3. Not being a repeat student in the previous semester
  4. Have not passed the seventh semester at the university
  5. Having no disciplinary punishment