Double Major / Minor

Double Major Program

The Department of Tourism Administration has double major programs with International Trade and Management Information Systems departments within the School of Applied Sciences. More information about double major and the processes can be reached from the link below.


Minor Degrees

Minor degrees enable high-achieving students registered to undergraduate degree programs to become knowledgeable in another focus area.
Minor Degree applications must be made on the dates specified in the academic calendar.
Minor Degree in Tourism Administration:
  • Courses Required for Application: No courses are required for application
  • Total Number of Courses: The Tourism Administration minor program consists of 7 required courses (21 credits)
  • Minor Program Required Courses:
TRM 101 Introduction to the Tourism Industry (3)
TRM 107 Anatolian Civilizations (3)
TRM 223 Accommodation Industry (3)
TRM 282 Travel Industry (3)
TRM 378

Food Services Management

Prequisite: TRM 134

TRM 405 Conventions and Special Events

Prerequisite:TRM 263

TRM 413 Tourism Destination Development

Prerequisite:Senior standing or consent of the instructor


Note: Prerequisite courses can also be taken from another department in which an equivalent course is taught